Viewers take action after Norfolk man’s moped is stolen

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-07-24 23:46:32-04

Fredrick Ferebee worked all year to buy himself a moped only to have it stolen just a week after he bought it.

"When you were riding around how did it make you feel?" Ferebee was asked.

"On top of the world," he replied.


Moped stolen from disabled Norfolk man

NewsChannel 3 brought you Ferebee's story Monday. Our viewers quickly took action.

"It's an unfortunate situation, so we'd like to give it back," Mike Bruner said.

Atlantic Heating and Cooling bought a new moped and loaded it up to give to Ferebee.

"Let him know that there's still hope out there, keep fighting," Bruner said.

Coming down Reservoir Avenue, Ferebee doesn't know what to expect.

The joy washing over his face when he first sets eyes on his new ride rivals anything a parent can see on Christmas morning.

It's what he always wanted, but never had the money for. Now it's his.

Off he went. You'd be splitting hairs trying to decide who was more excited, Ferebee or the men who gave him the moped.

"He's so stoked right now," Bruner said.

Ferebee says this is the best day in his 41 years.

"I'm happy like a kid in a candy store right now," Ferebee said.

After feeling helpless when the moped was stolen, he couldn't frown if he tried.

One year's worth of savings was gone overnight. Now this new moped has rejuvenated him and changed his life.

"I might stay outside and sleep on it," said Ferebee. 

He doesn't know how he'll ever be able to properly thank these men for giving him his new wheels.

He invited them to lunch, and if they take him up on his offer, Ferebee has a ride to get there.