Pinstagram App for iPad

Posted at 10:14 AM, Jul 27, 2012

A new app has been created – for anyone who loves Instagram and Pinterest.

The companies have now combined two of your favorite internet addictions into one convenient app.

It’s called Pinstagram.

The app shows you photos and content from your Instagram account. The content shows up in a 'waterfall' layout and from there, you pin your Instagram photos right to your Pinterest boards in one easy step.

The app was created to bridge the two sites, so you don't have to open both when posting.

Download the app by visiting

There, you will be directed to sign in with Instagram if you already have it on your device.

You may also visit the iPad app store - and the app is free.

Right now the app is only for iPads 1 and 2.

Don't forget to find WTKR and WGNT on Pinterest.

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