Beach woman says she was robbed at gunpoint on her way to work

Posted at 11:42 PM, Jul 31, 2012

"I'm shook and I'm still shook," the victim said.

The victim asked NewsChannel 3 not to show her face or her house in fear of retaliation.

"Next thing I know, I saw a gun flash and then he came from around the side of the house toward me with the gun and I took off as he was coming and I slipped and fell, and tried to get out of the way," the victim said.

It happened on Van Loen Drive off Holland Road.

When she fell, the man took her purse and then stole her roommate's bicycle and sped away.

"I just fell on the ground because I didn't know whether bullets was coming," the victim said. "I didn't know what was happening."

The man didn't take any high-priced items from the victim, but has all of her personal information and ID cards.

Worst of all, now she does not feel comfortable at home.

"Dealing with the situation, dealing with what went on," the victim said. "Feeling comfortable, not feeling good coming in and out of my house. My space has been invaded."