Update: One of two men accused of stealing X-ray film from Beach hospital now charged

Posted at 9:12 PM, Aug 08, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-09 06:36:37-04

Update: One of the men police say stole x-ray films from Virginia Beach General Hospital  last summer has been identified and charged.

Jerry Days, who was arrested in New York and extradited to Virginia Beach, has been charged with Burglary and Petit Larceny.

Virginia Beach, Va. - Police say two men captured in surveillance pictures are stealing X-ray film from east coast hospitals to make some quick cash.

Their most recent target was Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Hours before that, they hit a hospital in Baltimore.

On August 1st, investigators say they walked in posing as representatives for the company hired to throw out old X-rays.

They were stopped by security. But not for very long.

Master Police Officer Grazia Moyers says, “Somehow, the people got back into the hospital. Security was unaware and they made their way into the radiology department and spoke with an employee."

Sentara Interim President Dr. Thomas Thames says the pair even called the office letting them know they would be stopping by.

But while they were there, neither showed an ID, which is a violation of hospital policy.

Thames adds, “We will be improving our process and ensuring in the future that all individuals are badged and security has the final say with regards to access into the building.”

Police say the two got away with 200 pounds of film. Police say the street value is a couple hundred dollars.

Investigators say this is a growing problem nationwide and in Canada - the thieves extract and sell the silver contained inside the film.

Hospital officials say the X-rays were more than two years old.

Thames adds, “Actual information on the films has the patient names and date of birth. That’s the only true patient information that’s contained on the films."

Now police are looking for the team of thieves who left in a moving truck hoping to stop them before they hit again.