Tractor trailer involved in accident on I-64

Posted at 11:00 PM, Aug 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-15 23:00:14-04

A truck driver reaching for a water bottle led to a crash early this morning.

Police say the driver lost control of the truck and it burst into flames.

A good Samaritan helped to save the driver.

The accident occurred on I-64 near Mercury Blvd. overnight.

As the fire tore through, a pair of brave people pulled the big rig driver to safety.

State police say the big rig driver had just gotten onto 64 and was reaching for a bottle of water as his truck approached a street sweeping operation.

State police sergeant Michelle Anaya says truck driver Marc Abraham of Newport News saw what was ahead and swerved to miss what's coincidentally called a "crash truck.” It's a vehicle that carries a flashing arrow in work zones.

Police say Abraham's truck hit that vehicle, lost control, rolled and burst into flames after hitting the Mercury Boulevard barrier.

A nearby trooper and a man traveling with his family successfully pulled Abraham to safety. He was not hurt.

Anaya remembers the close call.

“As soon as the first tire popped, I wanted everyone away because I've seen vehicles explode and gas tanks explode. It could have been a lot worse,” says Anaya.

State police say Abraham was cited for reckless driving.

The driver of the work zone vehicle that was hit was treated at a nearby hospital but is expected to be okay.