Grand Jury indicts man accused in Beach vow renewal shooting

Posted at 7:50 PM, Aug 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-20 19:50:23-04

It was exactly three months ago that bullets went flying outside of a Virginia Beach vow renewal party, with the happy couple's son and daughter caught in the crossfire.

Monday, the man Beach police say was behind the trigger was indicted by a grand jury, but only for half of the crime.


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Virginia Beach man charged in vow renewal shooting

Bride’s son and daughter shot at vow renewal

It was supposed to be a night to remember for Dianne and Melvin Wilkerson, but instead, 22 bullets changed the lives of their family forever.

Their daughter Ditesha and their son Carlos both got caught in the gunfire that erupted outside the Royal Courtyard Banquet Hall on May 19th, as Dianne and Melvin's vow renewal party wrapped up for the night.

Ditesha recovered from her injuries--but the two bullets that hit Carlos in his chest and stomach proved to be too much, and he died 12 days later.

According to court documents, shell casings found at the scene came from two different guns, and police say Jermaine Belvin was holding one of them.

The Newport News Shipyard worker has been in jail since his arrest back in May.

Monday, three months after the shooting, a Virginia Beach grand jury indicted Belvin in one part of the crime.

Belvin will go to trial in less than a month on malicious wounding and firearms charges. Prosecutors say he had the intent to hurt or kill Ditesha Wilkerson the night of her parents' vow renewal.

Still, Belvin has not yet been formally charged or indicted with her brother Carlos' murder, even though his autopsy clearly shows it was a homicide.

The Virginia Beach Commonwealth Attorney's office says the investigation is still continuing into Carlos' death.

Virginia Beach police say the possible murder charges against Belvin are pending on a review of evidence, but they tell us they have no other suspects in the shooting.

For now, Belvin's trial on those malicious wounding and weapons charges will be on September 19th.