Man arrested for allegedly having meth making materials in car

Posted at 1:43 AM, Aug 29, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-29 01:43:00-04

State Police say Ray Lacks was driving around town with the makings of a meth lab in his black pick-up truck.

HAZMAT crews spent hours decontaminating Lacks and his truck, backing up traffic on Jefferson Avenue and Fort Eustis Boulevard Monday afternoon.

Inside the truck, crews found Drano, over-the-counter medicine and tubing commonly used for making meth.

Police say Lacks crashed into a car, hitting a State Trooper’s car as he was trying to get away from Police.

Investigators say this started when Officers in James City Country tried to pull him over. They realized he was wanted there for shoplifting. The chase ended in Newport News.

NewsChannel 3 has also learned that this isn’t the first time Lacks has gotten busted for meth charges.

In February, he was arrested for operating a meth lab in a Gloucester County garage right next to the home he and his mother rented on George Washington Highway.

Police discovered that meth lab after they were asked to check on Lacks' mom.

Lacks was scheduled to have his preliminary hearing for that charge Wednesday, but, prosecutors say because of his new charges, that will now have to be rescheduled.

Prior to Monday’s arrest, Lacks was already wanted in Hampton, Newport News, James City County, and York County for other drug and traffic charges.