Labor Day is here, so are higher gas prices

Posted at 8:48 PM, Aug 31, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-31 20:48:01-04

Gas prices are headed up and up, just in time for the Labor Day weekend.

AAA says the average price in Hampton Roads is $0.18 higher than this time last year.

"What can you say to them?  There's nothing you can say, but just suck it up, pay it, and move on," says Mike Lawson from Chesapeake.

Lawson is trying to pay for his trip to the other side of the state which cost him $40 just to get going

"It kinda takes away from the things that you get to do, but, you know, if you wanna do things, you gotta pay for the gas to do it," says Lawson.

AAA says the average price is about $3.67 in Hampton Roads, and it seems like every time prices jump, there's a reason.

Lawson says, "I think it's gotta do with the hurricane, every time they get a hurricane or a disaster or anything comes up, it's just a reason for them to jack the prices up."

Other drivers say, "I think the people are greedy. I think they want that money. "I think that they set them [the prices] at whatever they want, and as far as an increase is concerned, any excuse will do."

Jack Lilienthal says the excuses won't do for him though, because he has to pay for the high gas prices.

They've taken away from his free time as a retired firefighter. "As a result of gas prices, this is the first time this year we've used the trailer.  We usually go many more times, but because of gas prices this year, this is our first outing.  And here we are starting the ninth month, and normally we would have gone several times."

But it's reality, and Jack says there's nothing he can do about it, so he'll deal with it and pay.