Owners mourn death of dog pulled from drainage pipe in Suffolk

Posted at 12:31 AM, Aug 31, 2012
and last updated 2012-08-31 00:32:08-04

This morning Donna Winslow continued the search for her missing dog, Prissy. The Sheltie with brain cancer hadn't been seen since Tuesday.

"What did Prissy mean to you?" she was asked.

"Everything, everything, she was a good, loving dog."

She was worried Prissy had just gone into the woods, knowing her time was ending.


Update: Dog rescued from 17-inch drainage pipe in Suffolk dies

Donna was walking with her granddaughter and heard a yip.

But she couldn't figure out where Prissy's bark was coming from.

After minutes of searching, she still couldn't find Prissy until she realized her Sheltie was trapped underground in a pipe.

"One Animal Control lady said that she wasn't going to give up even though they knew the dog was about dead from brain cancer," Winslow said.

Suffolk firefighters soon arrived. They found Prissy at least 50 feet into the piping.

They dug into the ground then cut the pipe.

The big reveal was more than Donna could have asked for. Her dog was safe.

The Winslows knew their cancer-stricken dog probably wouldn't live much longer, but being able to see her again gave them closure.

"It was a relief of sorts. You know, at least we found her because we didn't want her to die away from the house here," Ronnie Winslow said.

Prissy was in shock when she was pulled out of the pipe.

They rushed her to the vet where the Winslows got to say goodbye before deciding to put her down.

"It was touching for both of us to get right there with her for a few minutes," Ronnie Winslow said. "That was the hardest thing I've ever done."

They just feel fortunate they were able to say goodbye thanks to the Suffolk Fire Department.