75 people to lose jobs when Money Mailer closes in Franklin

Posted at 11:00 PM, Sep 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-20 06:07:15-04

More jobs in Franklin, Va. are on the chopping block.  Money Mailer, a company based in California, has decided to shut down its Franklin production facility after nine years in the community.

They employ about 75 people.

It's not news that anyone wants to hear, but for people in Franklin, the news that another business is closing hits especially hard.

“I think it's another blow to the economy here in Franklin and a tragedy.  We still haven't recovered from the economic downturn,” said Mary Alice Beale.

Money Mailer opened the facility in Franklin in 2003.  It produces coupons and advertisements.

NewsChannel 3 spoke to Jeanne Stanley, the company's vice president of human resources, over the phone.

She confirmed that the facility is winding down operations.

Though there is no final closure date at this point, it will likely shut down in the next few months, leaving 75 people without a job.

“That's a major hit,” said Luciano Matteo Myrick.

He has several family members who work there.

“A whole lot of people, families depend on the business there.  Here lately it feels like Franklin's under a plague or something,” Myrick said.

Stanley said that employees at Money Mailer were already notified so that they would have plenty of time to start looking for new jobs.

The problem is - people in Franklin say that's already difficult.

While there is some work going on again at the International Paper Mill, they only hired back a few hundred people compared to the 1,100 jobs that were lost when they closed a few years ago.

Some people had to find work in other cities.

Beale's niece can't find work in town either.  She has to drive to Chesapeake.

“She would like to find something locally and hasn't been able to find anything,” said Beale.

Businesses in the downtown area have had a hard time staying open with the other businesses closing down.

“It has its ups and its downs,” said Sandy Kirkland who works at Alphabet Soup.  “We just need people in Franklin to shop in Franklin.  Forget the Internet,” she said, laughing.

There is some good news in Franklin, though.

International Paper is looking for candidates to fill several positions.

Positions include process control and instrument electrical maintenance technicians. Those positions pay up to $35 an hour.

They're also looking for instrumentation maintenance technicians. Those positions' hourly rate begins at $25.35 an hour.

The Mill also needs a landfill bulldozer operator. That position pays $15.25 an hour.

The deadline to apply for these positions is October 1.