Here’s the Judge-Mentalist

Posted at 12:36 PM, Sep 19, 2012
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The Judge-Mentalist

The Judge-Mentalist

A bit about the Judge-Mentalist. For years I have watched television shows and broken them down with friends, family, and fellow fans. It’s not just about entertainment, but there’s a whole layer in shows that must work with your target audience and time slot. I will judge shows on those same ideas. Like Patrick Jane, I’m looking for the little clues to what makes an episode tick or blow up in the writer’s face.

My Dad will be joining for many of the shows. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to my love for TV; just ask anyone who knows us. He served in the 101st Airborne out of Fort Campbell so anything with a military theme always catches his attention. Add to that a love of John Wayne and action movies in general and you see why he prefers NCIS and Hawaii Five-O. He’s actually the reason I started watching NCIS. We were big fans of JAG and naturally started watching NCIS when it became a spinoff. Also, he comes from a very different generation. He’s almost 70 and I’m 26, which makes for some interesting interpretations when it comes to plots. You’ll see what I mean.

The gender difference between my Dad and I also makes for some different views on the shows. I’m the youngest of five kids so I’ve never really had trouble figuring out how to have my own opinion and voice it. But when it comes to shows I am very picky. I’ll only give it about two or three episodes to hook me. I’m also not very forgiving with cast shake ups. If you have a good thing don’t mess with it!

The shows I’ll be judging are NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory (for funny quotes) and The Mentalist.
I’ll also be checking out Elementary and Vegas to see which new series lives up to the hype. Who knows, you may sway me one way or the other.
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