More Action, Less Love

Posted at 12:00 PM, Sep 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-19 13:43:40-04

The NCIS season finale was just as awesome the second time around. The only problem: I forgot a lot of that episode and I wasn’t alone. Through the final seconds I was once again glued to my screen to see what Dearing would do next.
Fair warning, if you haven’t watched the NCIS season nine finale STOP READING!Horse Bone Found in Finale

Ducky and Dr. Ryan investigate evidence after Director Vance is found in a mausoleum.

I did not remember Vance getting kidnapped. I mean I forgot all of it! Everything from him waking up in the cemetery to the bomb in his car was complete erased from my mind. I remembered the bomb, but how it got there just wasn’t as important I guess. My Dad was worse, forgetting the worst part of the episode for me – Ducky collapsing on the beach. The first time I watched the episode that moment actually made me cry.

For my Dad that moment was also the worst, but in a different way. He despises cliffhangers! When I asked him about the ending he said, “It’s the number one show. Why does it need cliffhangers, to come back? I’m already coming back!” That said, we do agree on how awesome the Dearing storyline has been. He’s been one step ahead of Gibbs and the team each moment, which is so frustrating. He’s a perfect example of genius turned to madness. As much as I love him as a villain I really hope Gibbs takes him out soon. He needs to go because no one can stay ahead of Gibbs for long!

My favorite moment of the night was probably the gift exchange before Palmer’s wedding. For my Dad, it was Vance waking up in the coffin, go figure. But he did like the gift scene because it showed so much about each character. You had Ziva giving expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, McGee’s wireless camera system, and DiNozzo regifting a movie. It was a nice moment showing the family side of the group before sending most of them to their possible deaths.

In true form my Dad said the episode needed “more action and less of that love stuff.” There were two bombs and the return of another top villain, Statton, but I guess that’s not enough. He didn’t like the scene with Palmer’s fiancée, even saying Palmer could have collapsed on the beach and that would have been fine. Sorry to burst your bubble Dad but Brian Dietzen has just been promoted to series regular.  I doubt he’ll be dying anytime soon. Dad said he was fine with Gibbs having a love life, since the women never really stick around. He just wants Gibbs to start shooting up stuff again and I couldn’t agree more.

Side note – my Mom wants them to kill off Vance, says she can’t stand him. Well, the show has a habit of killing off NCIS directors so she may get her wish.

Needless to say, last night just showed why NCIS continues to excel as a show. But please don’t kill off Ducky. I just don’t think the show would work without him. As for my Dad, he just wants to make sure they don’t make it a chick flick and keep it a man’s show.

The Judge-Mentalist recommends this episode.