Swing state poll: Romney favors the rich

Posted at 8:31 AM, Sep 19, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-19 08:31:09-04

By Peter Hamby

CNN Political Reporter

WASHINGTON (CNN) — New poll numbers out Wednesday from three key battleground states underscore the danger of that leaked fundraising video for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

According to fresh New York Times/CBS News/Quinnipiac polling, majorities of likely voters in Wisconsin, Virginia and Colorado say that Romney’s policies favor the rich.

In Wisconsin, 55% of likely voters say a Romney administration would benefit wealthy people. In Virginia, 56% say the same. In Colorado, the number is 54%.

The number of voters in those swing states who think Romney’s policies would favor the middle class? Just about 10%.

Contrast that with President Barack Obama’s numbers on the same question.

In all three states, a plurality say Obama’s policies favor the middle class. Only a sliver of voters say the president favors the rich, while roughly a quarter say he favors the poor.

The new polls were taken before video surfaced of Romney privately telling a group of rich donors that nearly half the country is “dependent on the government” — and that’s precisely the problem.

The Romney video reinforces what people already think about the candidate, and that only helps the Obama campaign push the now-familiar narrative that Romney is a rich plutocrat who is of touch with the concerns of regular people.

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