Portsmouth Humane Society to get 20 Chihuahuas from California

Posted at 8:28 PM, Sep 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-20 20:28:28-04

Two turtles were taken to the Portsmouth Humane Society which is already expecting 20 Chihuahuas from California.

And that's on top of the three abused dogs they've been caring for.

It started with the story of Hope – a dog who was left for dead and couldn't even walk when officials found her.

Then on Wednesday, it was Charlie and Grace who were found malnourished and weak.

Grace and Charlie may look like twins, but the dogs were found in separate parts of Portsmouth.

Both dogs are about a year old and officials say they would have been better off on their own instead of being neglected by their owners.

But the stories of Hope, Charlie and Grace have caused viewers to take action to help.


Three dogs near death saved by Portsmouth Humane Society

People take action after dog found near death in Portsmouth

With the exotic animals that were found today and the three dogs, the Portsmouth Humane Society is filling up.

They're also taking in 20 Chihuahuas from California to help the Pasadena Humane Society.

There's still a chance for you to get results for Portsmouth even if you don't want to adopt. You can also donate money.  

The Chihuahuas will be up for adoption starting Friday at noon.

As for Hope, Charlie and Grace – they have more healing to do before people can take them home.