New lawsuit filed against Virginia Beach in death of Baby Braxton

Posted at 5:40 PM, Sep 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-21 20:52:10-04

There’s been a new development in a NewsChannel 3 investigation—a new lawsuit against Virginia Beach in the death of Baby Braxton.

The attorney for Braxton Taylor’s mother has filed a new lawsuit that could let a jury consider how much Baby Braxton suffered before he died.

It is similar to a pair of previously filed lawsuits, all accusing Virginia Beach social workers and leaders of failing to protect Braxton. A NewsChannel 3 investigation revealed social workers either missed or ignored signs that a foster mother was abusing Braxton in 2010. That foster mother, Kathleen Ganiere, eventually killed the baby boy. She was sent to prison, and because of our investigation, the state is demanding wholesale changes to how Virginia Beach cares for foster children.


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This new lawsuit also names the social services leader, Bob Morin. A pair of state reports singled him out for being ineffective and out of touch. The lawsuit also names as a defendant Tamara Scurry, the case worker who most closely monitored Braxton and his foster family.

The lawsuit claims Morin, Scurry and others …

“Simply ...ignored what they were seeing, ignored what they were being told, and did absolutely nothing to investigate further or to protect the infant (Braxton) Taylor.”

After the NewsChannel 3 investigation, some social service workers were reassigned or fired. The city is still reorganizing the agency to meet the state’s demands. Braxton’s biological mother and father are suing for more than four million dollars.

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