The Moment is Here

Posted at 3:35 PM, Sep 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-25 15:35:35-04
Abby during the Season 10 Premiere

Abby gets checked out by officials after a bomb explodes at NCIS.

The countdown is over. Tonight we will finally see what happened after the explosion at NCIS headquarters at the end of Season Nine.

Does Ducky survive? Will Gibbs go all Kung Fu on Dearing for hurting his family? What will happen between Ziva and Tony in that elevator? I mean it’s a close space; something has to happen, right?

As a teaser to tonight’s premiere I got to sit in on an interview WTKR & WGNT’s Laila Muhammad had with Michael Weatherly and Cote De Pablo. Their chemistry is so awesome on and off-screen! But, watch Weatherly try to describe Mark Harmon and his “Gibbsness.”

After tonight’s new episode, you can tune in for more from the interview. On NewsChannel 3 at 11, find out what happened when we tried to get them to say “Norfolk.” And they finally explained how they can get from Washington, D.C. to Hampton Roads in less than 15 minutes.

During the episode you can tweet me your comments, thoughts, reactions. You can find me by clicking here. And, check back tomorrow for my review of the premiere.