Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight

Posted at 11:12 AM, Sep 26, 2012
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Revenge, Gibbs' style

Gibbs shows why he’s always the man for the job.

Ducky is alive! I think I can breathe a bit better now that I’ve seen the NCIS premiere. In fact, less than like five minutes into the show we knew everyone survived. The last holdout was McGee. My Dad wasn’t so jazzed that everyone lived.

Dad: Why did they keep Palmer around?

Me: Dad, he wasn’t even in danger in the finale.

Dad: I know, but he’s such a wimp. He’s been an intern for years and still acts like a newbie. If he deserves to live then he’d better step it up a notch.

Me: I think he’s like that one person at work who always says the wrong thing. Not the one that says it and you want to punch them, but the one who you shake your head after they speak. Every office has one.

Dad: Yeah, but don’t they ever learn?

Me: Not in my experience.

Now that we know everyone is alive, it’s time for Gibbs to take out Dearing once and for all. There was a little misdirection with a presumed hooker who had bad taste in music. She supposedly lured Dearing to her hotel room for a rendezvous. Instead, he blew up the joint after sneaking out off to the bathroom.

Did you catch his phone message about them going to die? The actor who plays Palmer tweeted that he wondered if there was an iPhone bomb app and how much it costs. Hmmm.

Me: Did you really think he’d really die like that?

Dad: No, nor did I think he’d blow himself up.

Me: Dad, you’re getting ahead of me!

Dad: Well that part was better, skip to that.

Dearing made it look like he blew himself up in a car. Please tell me no one out there thought that was legit. There was still like 20 minutes left in the episode! Plus, a guy like Dearing never goes out like that. The second clue was the 50% DNA match. I thought it was the son since the brother had never been mentioned. But, as soon as they brought Dearing’s sister-in-law in and Gibbs went after her it wasn’t hard to fill in the blanks.

Dad: Your mom jumped when Gibbs snapped at the sister-in-law. (Lots of laughter)

Me: It was one of my favorite parts.

Dad: Mine too. I also like when Gibbs and Fornell got together and chatted about their ex-wife.

Me: Did they even mention her in the episode?

Dad: I don’t remember. I’m old. I just like when they do.

Have you ever noticed that emotional moments on NCIS always happen in Gibbs’ basement? Think about it next time they’re down there. Gibbs naturally put together the pieces and realized where Dearing is hiding. It’s time for revenge, Gibbs’ style. When Director Vance asked Gibbs if he was the man for the job I yelled out, “Of course he is! It’s Gibbs!”

Dad: I still can’t get over the director waking up in a casket. (More laughter)

Me: That’s from the finale. Stop confusing people. (Eyeroll)

Dad: Did you notice Gibbs measuring? Is he making another boat? Wait, what happened to the other one he was working on?

Me: … … … They never told us! It’s a good running gag though.

Tony’s one-liners are some of my favorite parts of the show.  Tonight when Ziva is calling Gibbs a stubborn fool, he just states the obvious, that she’s upset. Just break the ice as they wait for their boss to take on this psycho.

As for the last five minutes, well, only Gibbs can take a knife to a gun fight and win.

Dad: That’s a good one.

Me: Thanks. It’s true though.

Dad: I know. That’s why I like him and when he gutted Dearing like a pig. But, I could have taken at least one more episode with him. They could have let him take out a few more bodies.

Me: I’m just glad Ducky survived so there will be more history lessons. I loved when he said, “Until I’m embalmed and buried there will be stories.”

Dad: I like the stories. I actually wish they would have let him finish that one; it sounded interesting. (Side note, Dad’s a huge history lover)

Dad: Did you catch where the SECNAV kept talking about the President getting involved? That felt a little too political for my taste.

Me: Isn’t everything these days?

Dad: True. Also, Abby felt a little weak in this episode.

Me: Dad, she’s torn up and shattered from the experience. Did you see the preview for next week? It’s all about her and how she’s not coping with it.

Dad: I just hope they keep the action going.

The Judge-Mentalist definitely recommends this episode. So what did you think?