Silence is Golden; Noise is Maddening

Posted at 11:37 AM, Sep 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-09-27 11:04:00-04
Season Premiere Criminal Minds

The BAU team learns about their new UnSub, an escaped inmate who sews his victims’ mouths shut.

Tonight’s lesson from the Criminal Minds season premiere – always watch until the final minute. The episode gave us a good overview of how Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) will work within the group. Then, we see some creepy person who appears to be stalking the group, only to learn we have to wait two weeks at least until the next episode.

But, back to the beginning and the killer, named the Silencer, I actually felt sympathy for. No seriously, I did. Paramedics are trying to transport this prisoner with a severe allergic reaction when a deer causes them to crash. Of course the man escapes, but not before killing the guard and sewing his mouth shut. Right before he lunged at the guard, he started pawing at his ear and had a slight tick. There’s your first clue something’s just not right. I love how unlike other procedural shows on TV we always know who the killer is on Criminal Minds. It’s more about the motive behind the crimes and their mental state then just solving the puzzle. Fascinating!

The team quickly figures out he is sewing his victims mouths shut to make them shut up. Here’s the twist, they know what he looks like but don’t know his name. He’s in the system as just “John Doe.” Really?! They couldn’t figure out who the guy was when he was arrested for having a silencer on his gun? Yeah, you’re starting to see that silencer theme, aren’t you?

They track the killer to the home of a former inmate he was next to in solitary confinement. Apparently the man had talked about a paradise where his family sold honey. The killer goes there only to find out it’s being torn down for a development. Here’s where I felt sympathy for the guy. I mean he was born deaf and his mother would punish him for it. Then, because of her own greed, she forced a hearing device on him that forever shattered his peace and quiet. He even tried to cut out the device! I don’t think people realize just how permanent an impact their actions can have on others.

The storyline for me wasn’t why I was so intrigued this week. I really wanted to see how Alex fits with the group. I must confess, as my boss pointed out, I was already biased against the idea before the episode aired. Just like Garcia, I don’t like change. But, the show must go on. Alex to me seems a bit like a know-it-all, but I’m curious about how much of that is her personality and how much is her trying to show the team she belongs. You gotta love Garcia’s first moments with her. I love her character. She just adds so much color and happiness to the darkness of the criminals they track. And her banter with Morgan always makes me smile. It works for them.

I’m curious to learn more about Alex’s history with the boss. There was definitely no love los there. Anyone who’s a fan of the show knows Strauss isn’t always the most likeable person. In fact, many times I just want some UnSub to take her out. It’s wrong, I know, but it is how I feel.

Still, we have two weeks to wait until we get more clues about the mysterious stalker. I’m leaning towards the idea he’s someone from the BAU’s past. Next week CBS will be airing the first Presidential debate in place of Criminal Minds and CSI.

So what did you think of Alex? Excited for this stalker UnSub plotline? Do you miss Prentiss?