The Hidden Sledgehammer

Posted at 11:32 AM, Oct 01, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-01 11:26:31-04
Season Premiere of the Good Wife

Alicia, Grace and Zach talk with Officer Robb when he pulls them over under suspicion they’re transporting drugs.

You don’t want Kalinda on your bad side. If she is, you’ll get a sledgehammer to the hand. The season premiere of “The Good Wife” picked up right where it left off. We finally got to see who was behind Kalinda’s door. From the gun tucked in her chair to the sledgehammer, she had some hidden surprises for her husband’s lackey. Yes, her husband, but more on him later. I knew Kalinda wouldn’t be killed, but I thought she could have been seriously injured. But of course, she made it out without a mark and is sassy as ever.

My favorite storyline showed why little Zach is so awesome. Through a series of events Zach has to appear in court on a bogus eavesdropping charge, which is later changed to obstruction of justice. Before that, Zach does some legal digging of his own to show by law he wasn’t eavesdropping, since he only recorded video and not audio. Was that annoying song from his radio stuck in anyone else’s head for half the episode?

Thanks to more legal maneuvering and then some politicking by Peter Florrick, Zach eventually gets off with a clean record. But don’t think his parents did all the work. His video about the cop with more than 800,000 hits sealed the deal. Alicia tells him how proud she is of all his hard work. Later, he stops watching his video long enough to check out some porn. He’s just a typical teenage boy.

Do you ever feel like things for Alicia and Peter would be a lot better if they’d just communicate? I mean they’re both trying to get Zach out of trouble, which he does a better job of on his own, and they just end up stepping on each other’s toes. But communication problems are nothing new for them.

On the law-firm side of the episode, Dianne and Will are having money troubles again. Those two seriously can’t keep their heads above water. I love that Nathan Lane was cast as the trustee to oversee how they’re going to get out of debt. He was perfect and I can’t wait to see what else they do with this character.

And am I the only one who’s glad David Lee is hanging around? I love that guy. His sarcasm and cynicism with the world cracks me up. Add that he’s a divorce lawyer and it’s just a wonderful little combo. They used his greed to make him stick around. It was perfect!

I’m also glad they pulled in Kristen Chenoweth as the reporter. Alicia attempted to dodge her questions and only gave one word answers when it came to her relationship with Peter. The interview just made her and Peter look bad, and Eli knew it.

Alan Cummings’ facial expressions almost crack me up as much as his quick one-liners. On the bus while Peter was telling off the other State’s Attorney, he was just glaring at him in shock, awe, and contempt all at the same time. Here he is trying to manage this campaign and it seems as if the man he’s promoting is just making it worse. I also wonder how the campaign will go since his eventual opponent now has his own show.

Is there anyone Kalinda hasn’t slept with? Seriously?! You could cut the tension between her and the dog handler with a knife. I wonder how she has time to investigate anything! But she does a great job so no complaints from the Judge-Mentalist. I’m worried about her husband sticking around. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy to say no for an answer and he really wants her to come back with him. He’s got some anger issues.

Next week we learn more about Kalinda’s husband and how they’re going to handle is tow-trucking case. To be honest, I missed that one at first. When he started asking about the investigator it was easy to figure out the rest but I was too distracted, I guess. What did you think about the premiere? Do you think Alicia and Peter will ever get back together? Are you glad David Lee is sticking around?