Woman handcuffed and ticketed after outburst at Obama rally

Posted at 11:36 PM, Oct 02, 2012

Virginia Beach, Va. - Sylonia Brown was taken away and ticketed by police after she begged, pleaded and yelled with security at the gate of an Obama campaign rally in Virginia Beach last week.

The video already has thousands of hits on Youtube.

"I didn't feel humiliated until I saw that video," Brown said.

"I felt the guys on the other side of the gate were chuckling," said Brown "And the police officer kept coming and whispering in my ear that he's going to cuff me and take me away."

Brown is an avid supporter of President Obama. But she showed up late to the rally last Thursday. The gates had already closed. She was locked out. Her ticket was no longer any good. The proud Navy vet's heart sank.

"I decided to march to the gate, do the military salute, and hold my ID. I was fighting for the right to see my president."

But what compelled a seemingly normal and composed woman to do this?

"It was just hurting my heart that I couldn't and these guys standing behind the gates snickering at me and I felt so bad, after a while, I just drifted into a zone," Brown said.

She says that zone made her act out of character. She wanted to be heard, and was desperate to get in.

"And I dropped on my knees and begged them and there's no humanity in that, and they kind of roughed me out," Brown said.

As she was about to be taken away, she still held out hope, asking the officers and security guards to please allow her into the rally.

"If he would have just had some type of humanity, he just stood there looking at me and gawking and then he sicked the police man on me," Brown said. "That in and of itself was humiliating."