Chesapeake high school works to address mold issues

Posted at 7:56 PM, Oct 10, 2012

Chesapeake, Va. - NewsChannel 3 is taking action and getting results over concerns of mold at a Chesapeake high school.

Jennifer emailed us saying mold was found at Hickory High School.

She claims it’s been an issue since before classes even began.

Jennifer writes, "My little sister attends there. She and everyone else is starting to get sick because of the mold. Something needs to be done."

Chesapeake Public Schools told us workers did find mold in some spaces. 

They said warm temperatures and recent rain and problems with the air conditioning system caused the mold.

Officials say Hickory High students and teachers were moved to places that didn't have mold.

They also said all the moldy ceiling tiles have been replaced and so has the school's AC system.

The school also hired an environmental consultant to make sure staff is addressing the issue appropriately.

He also says all work is being done after school.

We will continue to check in with school officials until the clean-up is complete.