Update: Several thousand gallons of oil spill into tidal drainage ditch in Hampton

Posted at 8:48 PM, Oct 14, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-15 06:16:20-04

Hampton, Va. – Officials continue to monitor to monitor the spread and clean-up of 3,000 to 3,500 gallons of used motor oil that leaked Sunday from an old oil tank. 

Officials say the ditch is several hundred feet behind the West Hampton Community Center at 1638 Briarfield Road.

Now the oil is following a series of connecting ditches and has snaked from the spill site northeast to Newmarket Creek and the Gordon Cooper Bridge on Power Plant Parkway.

Officials said the spill does not pose a serious health hazard, although residents who live near the ditches should keep their pets from going into the oil-stained water. 


Hampton fire units, the Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management and the Dept. of Environmental Quality worked to clean up an oil spill in the 2100 block of Mingee Drive in Hampton Sunday afternoon.

When Hampton fire crews arrive at about 12:50pm, they found a large amount of motor oil in a tidal drainage ditch. Crews determined used motor oil had leaked from a 3500-gallon storage tank.

The tank had approximately 3000 to 3500 gallons stored in it according to the business owner.

Fire units immediately began to control and contain the spread of the oil, and eliminate any further environmental damage. The spill is contained to an area of approximately a quarter mile in the drainage system.

A cleanup contracting crew from LCM was contacted by VDEM to clean up the spill. The crews are expected to be on scene for several hours.

Crews will be working from the area of Lindsey Middle School to Mingee Drive. Residents are advised that a strong smell of motor oil is present in the area.

The cause of the spill is currently under investigation by the Hampton Fire Marshal’s office.