Made of Bad Code

Posted at 4:00 PM, Oct 17, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-17 15:48:13-04
Reese person of interest

Reese isn’t letting anything get in his way as he races to rescue Finch.

The Judge-Mentalist is taking a break while a coworker breaks down “Person of Interest.” Were you fooled like she was?

This episode may be called “Bad Code,” but I prefer “Texas Twist.”  Last week’s episode of “Person of Interest” fooled me and most likely many other viewers.

We begin with Carter, Fusco and Reese meeting in a café for breakfast. Reese explains how he believes (and so did I) that a young Hannah Frye disappeared from a small town called Bishop, Texas years ago. He says they must learn more about the missing girl to find where she is keeping Finch.

Carter and Reese then fly to Texas, while Fusco is left to work things from the Bureau (and to continue his ruse of working with HR – the corrupt cops.)  While in Texas, they discover there were two girls who hung out in the town’s library a lot. One played Oregon Trail while the other loved to read, specifically “Flowers for Algernon.”  That night, one of the girls, Hannah, disappeared forever. The other hung around for a bit, but then skipped town and is MIA. Reese goes to a bar to question a suspect, where he fulfills his weekly obligation of beating up a bunch of people. Carter finds an old credit card application and ties it to the girl who skipped town.

Finch and Root are still in a home outside Maryland. Here’s where they fooled me last week. It turns out Root is keeping Denton hostage, asking him about the machine.  It also turns out he knows a lot more about the machine then he let on. When Root leaves to get the car, Finch slides the man a knife and he cuts himself free. Denton asks Finch if the machine is safe from Root. Finch says yes. Denton beats Root up when she returns and says he’ll let Finch go because Finch helped him. Root suddenly comes back to consciousness and kills Denton. At the same time, Finch somehow leans to a phone and types in a coded message of numbers.

In Texas, Carter and Reese learn the librarian’s husband was the one who picked up Hannah the last night she was seen. Years later, the husband co-signed for a loan with some drug runners and got killed when he didn’t pay.

Here’s the big twist and another example of how I was fooled; Hannah’s friend was the one who called police the night Hannah disappeared. Hannah’s friend hacked some accounts and faked the librarian’s husband’s involvement with the drug runners.  She did to avenge Hannah’s kidnapping and eventual murder at the hands of the librarian’s husband. He buried her under the porch.  And Hannah’s friend Lisa is Root!

Back in Maryland, Root takes Finch to the train station but we don’t know where they’re headed. Reese gets to the house and finds Finch’s coded message. He runs to the station where Finch sees him. Finch tells Root that Reese contradicts her theory that most people are examples of “bad code.” Root gets away but she calls Reese to thank him for giving Hannah a proper burial. Reese tells Root if he sees her again, he’ll kill her. She says she’ll be in touch again, when she’s ready.

Questions: What does Root want with the Machine? My guess, it’ll be a few episodes before she’s back.  Will Carter and Reese’s extra-curricular activities be discovered by the Department or by HR? Who ELSE is involved with Denton’s people? What did you think? Were you fooled by last week’s episode?