Former Virginia Destroyers coach sues UFL; Some players refuse to play

Posted: 6:57 AM, Oct 19, 2012
Updated: 2012-10-19 20:15:46-04
Former Virginia Destroyers coach sues UFL; Some players refuse to play

UPDATE: A few Virginia Destroyers players have told NewsChannel 3's Reed Andrews that they refused to play in Friday's game because they have not been paid.

The former head coach and general manager of the Virginia Destroyers has filed suit against United Football League founder Bill Hambrecht claiming he is owed $2.3 million for coaching and managing.

Marty Schottenheimer claims Hambrecht guaranteed him the money to entice him to join the new league, according to Courthouse News Service,

Schottenheimer's Virginia team won the UFL championship in 2011, so Schottenheimer says he was owed $1.1 million plus $150,000 in bonuses as of Sept. 12. Schottenheimer also claims he incurred $100,000 in expenses during his first year at Virginia.

Schottenheimer says the team and Hambrecht refuse to pay.

"Team Virginia acknowledged that Schottenheimer was due the sums demanded for unpaid salary, bonuses and expense reimbursement, but Team Virginia informed Schottenheimer that it was financially unable to perform its obligations under the Employment Agreement," the complaint states. "Indeed, as of August 2012, the UFL informed Schottenheimer that it was unclear whether the UFL would continue to exist as an operating football league, due [to] its distressed financial situation. In August 2012, Schottenheimer again demanded that Team Virginia pay his unpaid salary, bonus compensation and expense reimbursement. Team Virginia failed to pay Schottenheimer any of the sums due following this additional demand."

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