Here’s the Good News: “Backyard Haven” aqua-therapy pool complete for disabled teen

Posted at 8:32 PM, Oct 25, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-25 20:33:25-04

Fifteen-year-old Tyme Fiedorczyk, free from the constraints of her wheelchair, finally got to kick her feet in her brand new pool Thursday.

The smile on Tyme's face comes after months of planning and days of work by dozens of volunteers for the non-profit organization Backyard Haven.

It was created by Ed and Jessica Coyner of Signature Pools in Chesapeake, to build aqua-therapy pools for disabled children of first responders and members of the military.


Chesapeake business takes action to build aqua therapy pool for disabled child

“Joy, it was just utter joy to watch her kick her feet, and everybody was ecstatic,” said Jessica Coyner.

Business after business stepped in to help in the project, turning their backyard into a beautiful  aqua-therapy pool, complete with a filtration system and automatic cover.

It’s very important for military dad Eric Fiedorczyk, who might have to leave on a deployment.

“It’s a big help for when I’m not home. My wife will still be able to open and close the pool by herself and take Tyme swimming,” said Fiedorczyk.

The builders also wanted to create a haven for Tyme and her family to enjoy...that's where Edward Gosman Landscaping came in.

“All these beautiful plants, things that will attract butterflies, birds, she will absolutely love it,” said Kim Fiedorczyk.

Their “backyard haven” even extends into their front yard, with a brand new driveway and lawn.

“It used to be a giant mud hole here, so just taking Tyme in and out of the wheelchair van, you’d have to track the mud into the house,” said Fiedorczyk.

“We said, ‘This is a need that needs to be addressed,’ and the community came together and made it happen,” said Edward Gosman Jr.

Now, Tyme can't wait until her 16th birthday--she plans on throwing a pool party for all her friends.