Light Rail schedule adjusted because of Sandy

Posted at 11:07 AM, Oct 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-28 11:07:46-04

Norfolk , Va. – The Tide light rail will open one hour later this morning and close earlier this evening in response to tidal waters gathering at Harbor Park.

Train service will begin at noon and run until 6 p.m.

During the morning high tide, standing water along some portions of the light rail track prompted a review of the planned schedule and prompted rail operations personnel to adjust the schedule.

Regular Sunday bus service will be provided throughout the region but temporary detours – caused by flooding in low-lying areas – will slow the delivery of service along some routes.

HRT will reassess regional conditions for Monday morning.

HRT encourages all of its customers to plan ahead on trips involving transit because isolated flooding can make some trips longer. Sudden events, such as a falling tree, can create lengthy detours.