Several streets flooded in Hampton

Posted at 4:45 PM, Oct 28, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-28 16:51:37-04

More than three dozen streets flooded in Hampton on Sunday morning as tides crested about 6 feet above mean low water. Expectations are that Sunday’s evening high tide will be higher, nearly 6.5 feet above mean low, and Monday morning’s tides could be peak 7 feet or more above mean low.

Tonight’s high tide occurs about 9 p.m. These areas will almost certainly flood again. With higher tides and continuing steady rain, there is a likelihood of flooding beyond these areas. The low tides are well above normal levels as well, with Sunday afternoon’s level at 4.07 feet above mean low at 3 p.m.

Also, Hampton has seen close to 2 inches of rain so far, according to the National Weather Service. Those totals are expected to reach 5-7 inches by Tuesday. Winds varied between 18 mph and 32 mph during the day on Sunday but are expected to increase to 35 mph to 45 mph, with gusts 50-60 mph on Monday.

Flooded areas included:

  • Riverdale (Charlton Drive, Wheatland Drive, Tide Mill Lane)
  • Wythe (around Indian Creek – Powhatan Parkway-Chesapeake Avenue, Harbor Drive, Chincoteague Dr., Pochin Place, Pocahontas Place and O’Canoe; also Wythe Parkway; and Victoria Boulevard by the city line)
  • Fox Hill-Grandview (Bonita Drive, Beach Road, Grandview Drive, Grundland Drive; Old Buckroe &Fox Hill roads, Dandy Point Road at Beach, Harris Creek Road)
  • Phoebus (Hope Street, Mellen Street, Willard Avenue, Virginia Avenue)
  • Pasture Point-East Hampton (Pembroke Avenue, River Street, Myrtle Street, Holly Street, Marshall Street)
  • Fort Monroe (McNair Avenue)
  • Buckroe (First Street, Resort Boulevard, 5th Street, Tappan Aavenue, Seaboard Avenue)
  • Coliseum Central (Armistead Avenue by the Home Depot to Pine Chapel Road) 
  • Merrimac Shores (Chesapeake Avenue and Catesby Jones Avenue)
  • Downtown (Lincoln Street, Washington Street; Bridge Street, Syms Street)
  • Near NASA (Wythe Creek at Carys Chapel Road)
  • Willow Oaks (Harris Creek Road)

Residents of these and other low-lying areas are urged to evacuate to friends or family on higher ground. People should not attempt to drive through these areas, especially during high tides.