Dad’s Lesson on Chopping Cars

Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-02 18:43:24-04

Red and Savino try to figure out how to keep Jones from figuring out what happened to the Milwaukee guys.

Dad: There is no way you’d be able to chop a car and get it back together in two weeks, never mind a few hours.

Me: Spent a lot of time around chopped cars, have you?

Dad: No, just cars. I know how they’re built. Most of the time they’re taken apart by a torch. You ain’t getting that back together.

Again, I can’t quite figure out what side of the fence Savino is on. It seems he’s trying to go legit with the banker and the Tumbleweed, but I’m not convinced. Neither is his wife, who we finally got to meet. To say they have a strained relationship is an understatement. They’re used to living apart. On “Vegas,” the sheriff is investigating the kidnapping of a little boy. His father works in the highway industry and is on the gaming commission. Nevermind that, his brother-in-law is totally involved in the kidnapping.

Dad: How do you figure that?

Me: Because he deliberately got the kid to go right back outside before he was kidnapped.

Dad: I didn’t even notice that. I was too distracted by the guy in the glasses that we know.

Me: Who?

Dad: You know, the guy with the mask and the fake face with Harm.

Me: What are you even talking about?

Dad: Oh, the other show with Harm.

Me: JAG?

Dad: Yeah!

Me: Oh, you mean Palmer, the guy who set him up. I didn’t even notice he was in the room.

The team tracks the car the boy was kidnapped in and spot it just as it’s blown up. The sheriff’s son realizes the vehicle identification number is still readable so he tracks down the owner. Eventually they discover I was right, the brother-in-law was involved. He was paid to get the father to say yes on a specific gaming license, but the father didn’t. So to try and get money to pay the casino guy back, he stages the kidnapping. But his crew turned on him and wanted all the money in the ransom. Don’t worry, the sheriff saves the little boy, but not before belittling his son again and saying he can’t go along on the bust.

Dad: He needs to stop babying him.

Me: It’s obvious he can handle the job since he has great detective skills, and shot that guy to save his dad.

Dad: Right, so what’s the problem?

In Savino world, the Milwaukee mob decides to send down what I can assume is a cleaner of sorts to figure out why their guy disappeared (that’s who Savino had killed last week). Jones is creepy and has a voice to match.

Dad: Did you recognize him?

Me: No.

Dad: He’s the old guy from “Shooter,” you know, the one they visit in Tennessee.

Me: No way, you’re wrong. But, let me check.

Dad: How would you check that?

Me: I’m looking it up on IMDB. … … … You’re wrong. And the other guy was way older.

Dad: I just thought that was a lot of make-up.

Savino’s guys killed the Milwaukee guy in his car. So if they’re going to make it look like he skipped town, then they need the car back. Only one problem, it’s been chopped. But apparently if you threaten a guy hard enough, he’ll reassemble the car in no time (eye roll). Jones takes the bait and heads to Los Angeles to look for the guy. I doubt that’s the last we’ll see of him. It’s also not the last we’ll see of Savino’s wife. She’s going to be sticking around for a bit. I’m not so sure I like that. We’ll have to see how it plays out.