I Finally Understand the Godfather line

Posted at 6:43 PM, Nov 02, 2012

Gibbs works to help his father and LJ reconcile during an episode dedicated to the Montford Point Marines

Me: Why are you laughing so hard?

Dad: I’m alone at the house and just felt like laughing.

(Must make sure my mom is not away from home long…)

The last five seconds of “NCIS” were the best moments of this episode, but let me catch you up first. A sailor speeding in a red Ferrari is killed. While the team is investigating the scene, everyone seems to be going through the normal motions. I did find it odd that Gibbs interrupted Ducky’s story. But then, a moment of lightning struck for me.

Me: I finally get the famous quote from “The Godfather.”

Dad: Which one?

Me: “Leave the gun, take the canoli.” They want mob men to leave the gun behind since it’s a hit and can’t be traced anyways.

Dad:… You didn’t know that.

Me: I’ve never seen the movie.

Dad: What?! What did I teach you growing up?

The gun is traced to a pawn shop. While the owner is looking up the documents, Gibbs and DiNozzo notice a Congressional Medal of Honor on display. They discover the medal belongs to LJ, who Gibbs was named after. It’s his father’s best friend but the two men haven’t spoken in years. More on that plot in a moment though.

The gun is traced to a teacher who says she gave it to her brother. When Ziva and McGee visit the dorm room, only the roommate is there. Oh, and he’s the killer. Both Dad and I caught that instantly. You can check my Twitter feed for the time-stamp if you don’t believe me. Through the whole first meeting, Ziva keeps insulting him for being a slacker and in bed ’til 11. It turns out he was trying to kill the owner of the Ferrari. A rich dot-com guy who he interned for during the summer. He says the rich guy stole his file-sharing idea. But, under contract, anything created while on company time is the company’s. The sailor was just taking the Ferrari for a joyride since he works as a valet at the hotel where the guy was staying. Wrong place, wrong time. The team tracks the killer to Kentucky.

Me: Why do all the crazies have to run to Kentucky. I know it’s the beautiful Bluegrass State but really?!

Dad: Well there sure isn’t anything in Greenup County where he was.

Me: Yeah, like the ATM with the security camera across the street they caught him on.

Dad: I doubt it.

Back to LJ, Gibbs knows his father and the man had a falling out when he was in high school but he never knew what it was about. When he tries to ask his father about it, Daddy Gibbs yells at him and hangs up the phone. Later, Gibbs leaves a message on the answering machine talking about how he hung up on Daddy Gibbs during a fight. Gibbs reminds his Dad he was given the riot act and told real men don’t act like that.

Me: I love when children get to turn their lessons back on their parents.

Dad: You would.

Gibbs tracks down LJ. He tried to pawn his medal to pay for a handicap lift where he works. The reason it is so suprising, it took him decades to get the medal. When he served in WWII, African-Americans were notallowed to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Congress finally overturned that decision and it was given to him by President Clinton. But, he knew how much the place needed the lift and figured it had to be worth something. Gibbs finally gets LJ to admit why he and Daddy Gibbs don’t speak anymore. When Gibbs’ mom was dying of cancer she confided in LJ that she wanted to kill herself. She eventually did and Daddy Gibbs was angry LJ didn’t warn him so they could spend more time together.

Dad: That selfish SOB.

Me: I agree but all he could see was how much he missed her.

Dad: Yeah, but back then they would have really suffered through the cancer. They don’t have the medicines like they do now to help. I don’t agree with ending your life either but I don’t think others should be selfish with your pain.

LJ and Daddy Gibbs end up mending the fences and heading back to their hometown together. It’s nice to see all Gibbs’ hard word didn’t go to waste.

But the best moment for me came when they dedicated the episode to the Montford Point Marines. We did a story on them back in June when they finally received their Congressional Gold Medals for their service in WWII. It’s sad it took this long but I’m glad they’re finally being recognized. For a look at their story click the link below.

Montford Point Marines receive Congressional Gold Medals