Is Reid in Love?

Posted at 1:26 PM, Nov 02, 2012
Criminal Minds Reed

Reid makes a mysterious phone call to his new friend.

Who is Reid calling? I was so distracted by that subplot this week I could barely pay attention to the rest of “Criminal Minds.” Reid has been calling a mysterious woman for medical advice for his migraines. I’m glad he’s off the meds, but who is this woman? Have we met her before? Is she linked to the stalker teased in the premiere?

The unsub from this episode is amputating victims’ legs. Slowly from victim to victim he is progressively changing his surgery. He started with just amputating legs, but then progressed, and started trying to reattach them after amputation. Finally, he takes two victims and tries to attach one victim’s leg to another person. So, he’s not exactly the most balanced person in the world. His wife has a prosthetic leg and he’s trying to figure out how to reattach legs to “give her a better life.” His words, not mine.

The killer’s wife thinks he’s testing his theory out on mice in the garage. Nope, it’s people, lady. The BAU learns the killer used to work at a funeral home, so he knows a little about anatomy.  When the team gets stuck on the case, Reid pages his mystery woman from the beginning of the episode.  Yep, she uses a good old pager. Reed calls on a payphone, sends her the number, and she calls back. They do this to help her hide from someone. WHO!?!

The mysterious woman helps them figure out the case, but not before Reid catches the attention of Blake. He asks her for a ride to a payphone to make the mysterious call. Blake tries to ask Reid what’s going on but he dodges the questions. He tells her he wants to keep the calls private from the team. Morgan also catches on, but he just thinks Reid is dating someone.

Back to the case, the killer reattaches a stranger’s leg to a victim and tells her he will be back to slap someone else’s leg on the other side. She takes this opportunity to try and escape. At the same time, the doctor is bringing his wife to show his success. She’s mortified when she realizes he’s been working on humans. The killer catches the victim and is holding a syringe to her neck when the BAU team arrives. They’re able to talk him down and save the woman.

Reid calls his friend again and mentions how happy he was since they talked several times in one day. But the best moment came when she went to hang up and said love you at the end of the phone call. Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Reid, had the perfect reaction to that moment. I am so curious about this woman and the man she’s hiding from. Who do you think she is? Share your thoughts.