Military wife says crook used baby’s car seat to get away with stolen items

Posted at 11:20 PM, Nov 02, 2012

Jeania Wells was cleaning Thursday morning when she felt something was wrong.

Wells lives on Allen Drive in Lincoln Military Housing just south of Naval Station Norfolk.

Whoever broke in, found a creative way of getting into her home.

"The candles and stuff they aren't exactly set right, he actually popped our window out, pulled the window up, climbed in, fixed it all right back in nice and neat, robbed us and took the time to close and put everything back to where it needed to go so we wouldn't notice," Wells said.

At 6 am, Wells' sailor husband left for work. At eight, the mother of four woke up.

During those two hours someone broke into their home while her four children, the oldest just five, slept.

"And if they had heard somebody down here, they would have assumed it was dad and they would have come down here," Wells said.

The thief's foot prints can still be seen in Wells' backyard.

He left through the laundry room door.

Loading the electronics in Wells' three-month-old's car seat, wrapping it up in a blanket and taking off.

"It's one thing to steal from us, but the baby? Come on!" Wells said.

The family of six never questioned whether they were safe in their home.

"Do you feel different about where you live now because of this?" Wells was asked.

"Absolutely. I can tell you that same day we went out and bought home protection and we've armed our home, in many different ways," Wells said.

This wasn't the only break in on Allen Drive, a few hours earlier, another home was hit.

Police aren't saying if the two cases are linked, but they're looking into it.