Never Trust the Secretary

Posted at 1:33 PM, Nov 02, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-02 13:26:31-04

Don’t worry, Holmes and Watson aren’t on a date. The wine’s for a couple who’s about to get engaged.

Holmes and Watson are rubbing off on each other, not in the dirty way. This week on “Elementary,” Dr. Watson learned why Holmes is distant from people. They don’t like being “read” or investigated.

The episode starts just as the premiere teased, Holmes is missing. Watson goes to the police station and tells Gregson she hasn’t heard from Holmes in three hours. She also tells Gregson about Holmes’ addiction problem. The scene cuts to Holmes handcuffed and groggy in a car.

We’re then taken back a few days to see what happened. Watson is having lunch with a friend. It ends up being a set up between Watson and this guy Aaron. It appears the doctor has made a match, but nothing is ever that simple. The date is broken up by a text from Holmes, filled with shorthand abbreviations (This will be important later).

Gregson has recommended Holmes to investigate a company’s COO who has disappeared; the police have to wait 48 hours to get involved. In the man’s office, Holmes finds only one book on his shelves has ever been opened. Inside, he finds a “menu” of prostitutes. Holmes discovers the COO had two accountants, which leads him to a secret apartment. The COO’s body is inside. It appears he died from a heroin overdose.

Watson starts to worry Holmes may relapse because of the scent of the heroin in the apartment. Holmes says the COO couldn’t have been a drug addict because heroin users want to dull the world around them. The man’s apartment just doesn’t fit the scenario. Meanwhile, Watson goes on a second date with Aaron and feels he’s lying about being married before. When she tells Holmes, he looks it up. Apparently Aaron is still married. Watson confronts him on the third date and he explains he was helping someone seeking asylum in the U.S. But, he was creeped out over Watson looking him up, so Aaron is out of the picture.

Holmes investigates the COO’s company and finds a pattern of deaths that seem accidental, but aren’t. He thinks the man who hired him to investigate the disappearance is the killer. Each death has boosted his career, and happened when he was at different offices across the country. It really turns out to be the secretary. When Holmes confronts her ALONE, she kidnaps him. And now we’ve come full circle. Watson keeps calling Holmes’ cellphone. Holmes mind tricks the secretary into sending a text message to Watson so she’ll stop calling. She sends a text without any abbreviations, tipping off Watson that something’s not right. The cops trace Holmes’ phone and save him just in time.

Also, apparently Gregson has known all along about Holmes’ drug addiction. I figured as much, or he would be a pretty crappy cop. Gregson said he never mentioned it because Holmes’ work hasn’t slipped. He doesn’t see it as a problem.