Dog with no eyes has uncanny fetching skills

Posted at 10:25 PM, Nov 08, 2012

KNOX COUNTY, In. (WTHI) – Many dogs love to play fetch, but one Indiana Border Collie is making news because of her disability.

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Chica, a dog who loves lumbering around the farm where she lives in Clay County, was left blind after her eyes were surgically removed when she was a pup.

Remarkably, her sense of direction is keen. She darts from the farm house’s back door to the barn, weaving through chicken and even cattle.

Chica’s owners, Martha and Buddy Knox, say the dog’s favorite pastime is playing fetch. She chases a basketball all over the farm, up a hill.

The Knoxes and even experts at Purdue University are baffled that the blind dog tracks the moving ball and pushes it back to her owner’s feet.

“I don’t understand it at all. She runs every place she goes,” owner Martha Knox said. “It’s almost like she has radar.”

And Chica isn’t limited to just retrieving the basketball and navigating the farmyard. Buddy Knox says the dog jumps in his pickup truck when she wants to go for a ride.

The happy hound seemingly lives with no fear – not hampered by the danger of running into things. Her disability certainly doesn’t slow her down. In fact, her owners say the beloved pooch sees with her heart.