Student Athlete of the Week: It’s always “Sunny” at Salem

Posted at 10:24 PM, Nov 09, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-10 14:28:12-05

Who needs live VIPIR Radar when it’s always sunny at Salem! 

We’re not talking about the weather, but we are talking about Salem High School’s mascot – Sunny, the sun devil.   

You can’t miss him at the football games. He’s right there as a member of the cheerleading team.  His mission – to keep fans upbeat and positive during games.  So, who is this masked person?

It’s Sophomore Myron Simon!

He is part of the visual and performing arts academy at Salem. So how did he become Sunny?

“The coach knew I danced and stuff like that. I am a pretty cool person. I’m active and a good high school spirit so she asked could I do it but at first I was iffy because you never hear anybody doing the mascot. But deep down inside, I wanted to do it so I said yeah,” says Simon.

What’s the best part of being the team mascot?

“The little kids come up to me with big smiles and open arms and ask to hug me and high-five me pulling me and they are so happy and are in awe of me it is so amazing.

Myron is the only guy on the team.  How does he fit in with 20 other girls?

 “I’m not going to say he is just like one of the girls because he’s not, but it doesn’t feel any different. He brings a lot to the team and being a mascot he is definitely just one of the cheerleaders,” says Taylor, a cheerleader.

As for Myron, does he act differently when he puts the suit on?

“Not at all. I am me in the Sunny suit and I am me outside the Sunny suit. Ask anybody  you will see me down the hallways dancing jumping around school spirit ready to do anything that makes Salem look better, makes people see how great Salem is as a school

Myron says the hardest part about being Sunny is the practice that goes into it.  The team not only prepares for football games but basketball season it about to start.  so they spend hours in the gym training . 

His message for other guys to come try out for the team:

“Dudes in school, I tell them they should come out cause it is a group of very beautiful and intelligent young women and why wouldn't you want to be around that for hours every day,” says Myron.