Beware of lottery scam spreading to Virginia

Posted at 11:28 PM, Nov 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-12 23:28:38-05

Lydia Wilkins has been bombarded with phone calls from Jamaica saying she's won the lottery.

"Well you've won eight million dollars and a Mercedes Benz, so how do I feel right now," Wilkins said. "And I was like, 'I feel great.' I egged him on for a few minutes."

Wilkins says she knew from the get-go it was a scam.

But after weeks of ignoring phone calls from a number with an 876 area code, she picked up.

"Lydia, what's going on? We have this money for you. We have a package coming for you, and we're actually just now crossing the Virginia border, and we'll be there soon with a package for you and once you start filling out the paperwork, you'll understand," Wilkins said.

The Internet is filled with people sharing their stories of being taken advantage of in similar scams. It's so prominent there's even a website for it called

"So I think they were trying to get me emotionally attached to the money before they told me. I know what was coming next. They were going to tell me I had to send them such and such amount of money before they could transfer it over," Wilkins said.

She came to NewsChannel 3 to alert people of what is going on, so they don't fall victim.

"If you see an 876 area code calling, don't even answer it," Wilkins warns.

Wilkins lives in Smithfield with her fiance Corey, like any young couple, they could use the money. But they don't plan on seeing that eight million dollars.

"We're actually going to Jamaica on our honeymoon in a couple months, so maybe we can meet up with them when we're there," Wilkins said.