Gov. McDonnell speaks out on Veterans Day

Posted at 8:34 AM, Nov 12, 2012

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement regarding the Veterans Day holiday.

“Tomorrow, Virginians will join our fellow Americans in thanking and remembering those who have served in the defense of our freedom both here at home and around the world. The sacrifice of these heroes and their families makes it possible for us to continue to live and to freely pursue our dreams here in the greatest nation this world has ever known. Freedom is not free. Our brave veterans remind us of that every day.

Like so many Virginia families, Maureen and I know the sacrifices of service. Our fathers served in World War II. I was honored to serve 21 years in the United States Army, both active and reserve. Our oldest daughter, Jeanine, led an Army platoon in Iraq. That service, through the generations, makes us an ordinary Virginia family. This Commonwealth is the home of the United States military. Every community in our state is enriched by the military members, families, and veterans who live and serve here. Our ongoing goal as an Administration, and shared commitment as Virginians, is to ensure that we always serve the men and women, and their families, who so selflessly serve us. We can’t just stop and recognize our heroes on one day. We must recognize them, serve them, and thank them every day. Our liberty depends upon their sacrifice.

Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, I urge all Virginians to once again renew our pledge to all of those who are serving and have served: an eternally grateful Commonwealth and country stand forever ready to serve you.”