Too Disturbed for Words

Posted at 3:34 PM, Nov 12, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-12 15:34:05-05
Criminal Minds

JJ’s son, Henry, dresses up like his favorite profiler for Halloween, Reid.

I have to start my blog on this week’s “Criminal Minds” by saying I’ve never been more disturbed by an episode. Sure, there are your garden variety psychos and killers each week, but it’s the things that people consider normal that really get to me. This week I almost had to turn off the TV because of a woman who believed in Placentophagy.

First, a week after a whole episode seemed to center on Reid’s mystery caller we are given no mention of her. You can’t leave us hanging like that writers! I need to know!

Instead, we watch as the team hunts for a woman who kills men for fertilizer. She’s REALLY into holistic methods and thinks it helps in the treatment of her disease. Here’s the thing though, she doesn’t have the disease. She did, but it was treated and now she’s fine. She just keeps imagining the symptoms on her arms and face.

So, she gives the men livestock feed and cuts them up in her wood chipper to make the fertilizer. But that’s not the part that got to me. She kidnapped a very pregnant woman and then dropped her and her newly delivered baby off at the hospital. So why did she kidnap the woman? She wanted the placenta so she could eat it. Oh yeah, and then she tried to force feed it to her child. I have nothing more to say on that topic.

The team catches the woman after she buries her daughter for treatment; she started to imagine the little girl had the disease symptoms too. Blake’s bit of genius with ashes from the woman’s fireplace kept the woman from killing another person. I’m just glad that episode is over.

On a much brighter and adorable moment, JJ’s son is afraid of dressing up for Halloween. Apparently he heard his parents talking about all the monsters in the world. JJ convinces him he can dress up and help fight the monsters. So Henry chooses to look like his favorite BAU profiler, Reid.