Bad Acting…on Purpose?

Posted at 6:41 PM, Nov 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-13 18:33:08-05

Jane and Lisbon are investigating a kidnapping case that’s not what it seems.

The brief hiatus from mentioning Red John on “The Mentalist” was short-lived. At least this time it lead to Patrick Jane putting away a nasty prison guard. Turns out, he transferred Red John’s accomplice after they threatened to expose his need to rape prisoners. Well I guess that’s a double win, info on Red John and a bad guy put away. So there was some good to the Red John story-line this week.

I think my favorite Jane moment came this week when he was fleshing out the kidnapping of a man and woman. The guy’s brother was trying to hide it because of that old “don’t get the police involved or we’ll kill them” threat. Jane calls the house phone with his cell to show how jumpy the brother is. We quickly learn the other brother and wife weren’t kidnapped. It was actually their friends who were house sitting.

Sorry to the Mentalist writers, but this twist was easy to figure out. Again, when we saw the wife of the couple who was kidnapped, she was a recognizable actress. Also, her fake attempt at trying to beg for cash and say she didn’t remember anything was hard to watch. It was such bad acting, which was the point so well done there, I guess. I did enjoy watching the team set up that fake ransom drop. They made the woman think her boyfriend, who was the face of the kidnapping, was dead. Yeah, it was all a setup so she could kill her husband. As TV land has taught us, that never works out.

Side Note: The wife who was behind the whole plan was also the holistic medicine killer from last week’s “Criminal Minds.” She’s getting lots of face time on CBS.