Stalkers Must Like Softball

Posted at 6:49 PM, Nov 13, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-13 18:43:10-05
Criminal Minds Apprenticeship

The BAU team investigates a murder duo in Miami

“Criminal Minds” went with the right set this week. They’re investigating murders in Miami, so now the palm trees that randomly show up in Virginia will make sense. I was almost screaming at a character in this week’s episode who only got like two minutes of airtime. The mother of the killer teen knew something was off about her son, but she ignored her instincts. That turned out well for everyone.

The messed up, no-place-to-go, teen killer has been wearing thin on me when it comes to tv shows, but I was glad they added the mentor flip in there. I knew the older guy and teen would turn on each other, but I really thought the guy would win out. Also, when they were fighting, the teen mentioned knowing why the mentor looked at him a special way. Umm, then why did you start hanging out with him? Seriously, that’s when you run the other way. But they were both psychopaths, so I guess it fits.

I was curious why our killer duo was only going after prostitutes. I mean, the BAU team said it was because they were easy targets. But I would think druggies are too. I was leaning towards a sexual motive, but we know that wasn’t the case for the mentor. In the end, they both die and Miami is safer, I think.

As for the team, I cannot say I understand Morgan’s mentality this week. I mean, he needs an extra player for the FBI softball team. So does he talk to Hotch, the athletic guy who ran a marathon last season? No. Instead, he asks Reid. I think I would have also asked JJ and Blake before going to Reid. I love Reid, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re really wanting to win I don’t get it. It did provide for the nice, inspiring Reid moment of the week. With one run down, Morgan on base, two strikes, and two outs, Reid makes an infield homerun. I’m all for the happy moment people, but really? The Secret Service team couldn’t field the ball?! Can our work team play against them? I think it would greatly improve our record.

Also, have you noticed how much focus has been on Reid this season? First it was the mystery woman on the phone, then JJ’s son dressing up like him, now the softball game. In each episode it may be inconsequential, but taken as a whole I’m curious about what’s in store for the beloved doctor. Please don’t let anything happen to him. His boyish charm helps balance out the group, as did Prentice’s sarcasm and cynicism. It is greatly missed this season.

And I never knew creepy stalkers like softball. I guess this one does.