Do You Have a Ducky?

Posted at 6:40 PM, Nov 15, 2012

Gibbs and Tony try to help a Marine suffering from PTSD

PTSD is one of those phrases that are thrown around a lot when referring to veterans. I wonder if people really know what it’s like. There are those who have violent nightmares or flashbacks. Then, there are those like a veteran in my life, who I think suffer in silence. Regardless, more has to be done to help our troops.

If that didn’t clue you in, the Marine at the center of the “NCIS” episode was suffering from PTSD. My heart broke during the scene where he told his father and the man stormed out. How could you do that? I get it, he couldn’t deal. It still breaks my heart.

I love how Gibbs didn’t write off the Marine. Instead, he stuck with him and believed the man’s story. Naturally, the Marine was right about everything. His PTSD flashbacks were spot on when he saw the man outside the convenience store. I must say, that guy gave a great fake crying performance. I knew something wasn’t right with him, if you don’t believe me check my twitter feed, but he was almost convincing.

Now the team will head overseas to finish the case. I wonder if that really happens with NCIS agents. Like, if they get to go overseas or if the cases get handed off to someone else. I like to believe they get to be part of the action.

Also, I wish I had someone like Ducky to talk to. He gives the best advice. Seriously, his stories are the best, he knows just how to turn a phrase, and I feel like he could teach me some good recipes.

The moment between Tony and Ziva over his old roll of film was so great! Tony never mentions his mom, which is sad because she gave him the love of movies. Seeing him act vulnerable with Ziva gave me hope that they’re still on track to each other. But I get it, if it happens too soon it will mess up the series.

Side Note: Dad is currently in New York serving hot meals as part of a disaster relief team with my Mom. Until he returns I will be solo on our shows. It’s okay because I couldn’t be prouder of their service!