Watch out Lisbon!

Posted at 6:36 PM, Nov 15, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-15 18:31:40-05

Tommy Volker threatens Lisbon after a case on “The Mentalist”

I always love watching how television shows and movies depict news stations. It all comes down to the stereotypes. This week “The Mentalist” pegged them all. You had the cocky and entitled anchor, the blonde and underappreciated meteorologist, and the eager and naive reporter. I am stating now, clearly for the record, that those are untrue. Well, mostly.

One part that was completely unrealistic: a producer talking with police while his show was on the air. That’s my job folks, and let me just tell you, there is no way you’d still be calling the shots while trying to do the interview. Plus, how long were their commercial breaks? Like eight minutes?

I also want to know where the coroner went to school. Wouldn’t there be signs that the original victim was suffocated and didn’t die in the car crash. Instead, luckily Patrick Jane’s random observations put all the pieces together.

The space flight guy was obviously involved in the murders. As usual, the well-known factor applied. But I didn’t realize was just how evil he was. He just sat there smiling while his assistant was murdered. They should have left him on the island in “Lost.” Watch out Lisbon, because now he’s coming after you. I’m glad they didn’t wrap him up in just one episode. I really like this plot.

Jane figured out the murderer, naturally, but he wasn’t really part of the case. He was trying to figure out how to get to Red John’s accomplice in prisoner. Please tell me why Jane thinks he can break into a Federal Prison by himself? Yeah, that’s going to work. I was cheering for Lisbon when she called him on the obsession. Can the former boss, who’s now on NCIS: LA, come in and take her out Red John’s #2 please?!

Side Note: Dad is currently in New York serving hot meals as part of a disaster relief team with my Mom. Until he returns I will be solo on our shows. It’s okay because I couldn’t be prouder of their service!