It’s beginning to look a lot like Black Friday! Some great Android deals!

Posted at 4:27 PM, Nov 16, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-16 16:35:11-05

So it’s just one week until Black Friday and for a lot of folks – that means it’s time to do some shopping.  And historically, it means stores are offering up their better deals.  So I’ve been pouring through some of the leaked ads on to find some of the hot deals on Android phones and Tablets.

I looked through Wal-Mart, Office Depot, K-Mart and Best Buy and here’s some of what I found.

You can pick up an 8GB Nook color for just $99 dollars.  Now this isn’t the best tablet out there, but if you’re looking to read some books, play a few games and surf the web – it’s not bad. 

As for phones, check out the Samsung Galaxy S III advertised for just $129 with a new 2-year contract – and Wal-Mart says they’ll even through in a $100 gift card. 

You’ll also find a Samsung Galaxy SII for T-Mobile for $79.88 plus that $100 gift card with a 2-year contract.

Then there’s the Motorola Razr M.  No Price was listed in the leaked at, but it does have that $100 gift card so it could still be a great deal.

On AT&T?  Check out the HTC One X (My previous review here) for $49.88 + $100 gift card w/ 2-year contract.  It’s hard to beat that deal!

Sprint?  Motorola Photon Q — $89.88 + $100 gift card w/ 2-year contract.

 Office Depot:

 Not a big phone store, but they do have some nice deals on some tablets!

You can pick up the Asus Transformer 10.0” Tab for $299.  I’ve had a little hands on time with it, and it’s really nice.

You’ll also find what’s on my Holiday list there – the Nexus 7 32GB version for just $229.99.  That’s cheaper than you can buy it from Google!

And if you’re a Kindle type of person – they have the Kindle Fire for $159.99.  *Not the Kindle Fire HD.


I was about to skip K-Mart when I found one item that tickled my fancy – a listing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7” for $177.99.  I would still rather have a Nexus 7, but I do really like Samsung!

Best Buy:

They always have some great deals and this year is no exception!

Check out the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx 4G – FREE with a new contract from Verizon Wireless.  Now the Razr Maxx HD did just come out, but the non HD version is still a great phone.  I just recommended it to a co-worker yesterday.

If you’re not on Big Red – Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T ($49.99) and Sprint ($48) w/ new contract. (My previous review here)

Also for Sprint – the Samsung Galaxy S II for just $1 w/ new contract. 

Back to Verizon, you may want to check out the HTC Droid Incredible 4G – also $1 w/ new contract.

As for tablets? 

Kindle Fire — $159.99 for the 8GB version, up the price to $199.99 for the 16GB one.

Remember the Asus Transformer 10.0” at Office Depot for $299.99?  Best Buy has it for $279.99.  Nice right?

You’ll also be able to grab that Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7” that was at K-Mart, but it’s $2 more at $179.99.

 Remember – these deals are from leaked ads and may not be exactly what’s available.  Also, the phone deals are for new contracts so the price may be different if you’re upgrading.  And if you don’t have an upgrade – check out my post from earlier this week about getting a phone off-contract

There are a ton of deals out there I may have missed, these are just some that caught my eye, if you saw one you think is slick – post it below or tweet me @Doctor_Droid.  Happy shopping!