Deaf, blind, 3-legged dog saves family from fire

Posted at 9:11 PM, Nov 21, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-21 21:11:11-05

Katie Crosley has endured her fair share of hardship.  Her son, Jace is 7-weeks-old.

He was born with a heart defect.

“We spent 4 weeks in ICU.  When it rains it pours I guess,” says Crosley.

This is the family's latest obstacle.

Sunday morning, smoke and flames consumed their Grady County cabin.  Katie and Jace woke up to a wailing dachshund.

“He deserves a lot of love.  I'm glad he saved us,” says Crosley.

A genuine miracle, she believes, considering "True" their pet is blind, deaf and only has three legs.

“He came in barking, which he doesn't normally do,” says Crosley. “I thought he had to go outside.  When I opened the door, it was a wall of flames.”

An electrical short ignited a fireball on the front porch barricading Katie & Jace inside.  They navigated through the smoke.

“When I ran out the back door, the front windows blew out.  There were flames in the bedroom and living room. We lost everything.  There's nothing at all salvageable,” says Crosley.

There is little left and yet, Katie is grateful for so many things, mostly the disabled dachshund nobody wanted, but her.

“We're thankful for him.  This could have been a bad deal,” says Crosley.