South Norfolk family Takes Action to feed their community on Thanksgiving

Posted at 4:33 PM, Nov 22, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-22 22:01:48-05

The Buffalow Family spent Thanksgiving giving back to their South Norfolk community.

The family fixed a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings and dessert for anyone who wanted to partake.

They also collected donated clothing and blankets for their "clothing industry" to give out to those in need.

The idea started in 2010 when Nischelle Buffalow wanted to do something to give back on Thanksgiving.

"I got together with my family and I said 'let's do something.' The soup kitchens are always busy and they have enough volunteers. I felt we needed to something in our community to help out and make our community stronger," Buffalow commented.

In 2010, the family served about 25 people for dinner.

Last year, that doubled to 50 people and the family added the clothing industry.

This year, over 150 folks took part in the meal and camaraderie, which meant many more donations of food and goods came in from across Chesapeake to help.

"It's what makes South Norfolk so special - they are are always helping each other. Just people helping people," said Chesapeake Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan,