Va. Beach neighborhood gets unwanted paint job

Posted at 7:03 PM, Nov 26, 2012

A Virginia Beach neighborhood got an unwanted paint job over the weekend.

It happened on Loveland Lane, located near Dam Neck and General Booth Blvd.

Many of the cars on that road, and even the side of a house, were covered in spray paint.

A few cars also had their windows smashed out.

Neighbors say whoever damaged the property hit different homes over a few nights, and vandalized some of them more than once.

Neighbors told NewsChannel 3 that instead of enjoying the holiday weekend, they were busy trying to get all of the paint off, with limited success.

“My daughter had to go to work that day or the next day and you can’t drive with it on the windshield, so she was scrambling trying to get that, and I think some people had to get rental cars because their cars were really bad,” said one resident.

Police say they are investigating, but until someone is caught, neighbors say they're all watching out for each other and taking pictures of the damage to give to police.