Report: Winning Powerball tickets sold in two states

Posted at 7:00 AM, Nov 29, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-29 07:01:47-05

By Melissa Reid and CNN Wire Reports

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio — Unless you live in Missouri or Arizona or traveled there to buy your tickets, you probably didn’t win Wednesday night’s record Powerball jackpot.

Tickets for the record-breaking estimated $579 million jackpot were purchased in those states, lottery officials said early Thursday morning.

The winning numbers are:

5 — 16 — 22 — 23 — 29 — POWERBALL = 6

It was unclear early Thursday morning where in the two states the winning tickets were sold.

*Even though the winning ticket was not sold in Ohio, you still could have won some cash. Click here to see if your ticket is worth any money.

Wednesday’s prize is the largest in Powerball history. But the prize still has a way to go to match the U.S. record payout of $656 million, set in March by a Mega Millions jackpot that was split between three winners.

At the Yorktown Service Plaza in Parma Heights, people lined up Wednesday to get a winning ticket.

“I think I’d faint on the spot. I’ve never won anything!” said Julie Ambrose, of Parma.

“I wait until the jackpot gets real high before I play,” said John Valescu, of Lakewood.

So, what are the odds? According to the lottery, the odds of winning are one in 175 million.

To put that in perspective, the odds of getting struck by lightning is one in 280,000.

“Hopefully I win first, then get struck by lightning,” laughed Valescu.

So what will northeast Ohioans do with all that cash?

“I’d pay my bills. Give poor people some money. Take my wife on another honeymoon,” said David Mitchell, of Parma Heights.

“There’s nothing I need at age 80. So, I’d give it to my family,” said Ambrose.

“I’d share it with my family and friends. And I’d still work,” said Laura Dew, of Parma Heights.