Mystery man might have won record Powerball jackpot

Posted at 8:39 PM, Dec 01, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-01 20:39:08-05

We don’t know his name and we don’t know where he lives, but the second winner of that record Powerball jackpot may have realized he had the lucky ticket inside a Maryland convenience store.
The usual mid-day buzz at a gas station’s convenience store.
On surveillance video, the buzz starts really humming.
A mystery man at an Exxon station in Upper Marlboro, Maryland Thursday, checks a Powerball ticket with manager Negassi Ghebre.
“And you’re saying, what did you say?
“I say ‘Yes! That’s you got it!’ I say. That’s the right number.”  
The man may be the Arizona winner of the Powerball drawing could be holding a ticket worth nearly $200 million.  
Customer Bill Kilby was right next to him.
“I asked him, I said ‘Well the winning ticket was from Arizona,’ He said ‘Well I just got back from there’, so, said he was in the military.”
The winning ticket was bought at a convenience store near Phoenix.
When he found out back in Maryland, the apparent winner sure made an impression with cashier Kamran Afgan.
“He hit really bad to the counter, really bad, he said Oh my God, really hard.”
“Did it scare you?”
“I’m scared! I think so, have a heart attack.”
Afgan says the man ran out, then came back, realizing he’d forgotten to get his gas.
but who is he?  
So far we don’t have a name.
This is the spot where all the excitement took place. The counter, the machine that printed out the ticket where the man checked his numbers.
But it’s on the surveillance tape where you can pick up a couple more clues, about the guy and about his behavior here.
On the video we see him, before he finds out, giving some cash to a young man who doesn’t have enough for his purchase.
We see his car pulling out, but can’t make out his license plate.
A witness says he may have had a Virginia Department of Transportation logo on the back of his vest.
We searched for that logo and found a pattern that looks to be similar.
A spokeswoman for that agency says it looks like one of their vests, maybe worn by someone in their safety service patrol, but they don’t know who this man is.
We do know he has a sense of humor.
“How did his behavior change once he figured out he might have won?”
“I dunno, last comment I heard is he had enough money to ask Beyonce out.
“I guess he was pretty happy about it.”
 An Arizona lottery official says no one has come forward yet to redeem the winning ticket.  
  The person has 180 days to do that and has to redeem it in Arizona or mail it in.