Consultation with the Doctor: Android Q and A Session

Posted at 7:27 PM, Dec 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-04 12:47:06-05

So last week I posted on NewsChannel 3’s Facebook page asking for your questions.  I got a few, so let’s jump right in and answer them!

Deanna asked “How do I add movies to my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3”.

Well Deanna the easiest way if you have the movie on your computer already is to just use the USB cable that came with the phone and plug it into your computer – wait for the drivers to be installed and you should be able to just drag the movie from wherever you have it straight to your phone.  But there is another way – It’s a great app called AirDroid.  It lets you wirelessly manage files from your computer to your phone over your home WiFi connection.  It works really great!

 Next up, a question from Renee asking “Why does it take so long to charge my battery, can I have tips on how to conserve it?”  

I previously wrote a blog about saving battery power.  Check it out here.  But let me add if you’re trying to charge from your computer, it’s a slow process.  Always charge from a wall outlet if you can, you’ll find it charges much faster!

 TJ had this question “My sister has an HTC. She tries to personalize ringtones, but the stupid phone defaults back to whatever ringtones it wants. Please help.”  

First off, without knowing exactly which HTC phone she has I can only offer up some generic advice.  But I would say try the app called Zedge.  I use it for my ringtones and it never reverts.  Leave me a comment and let me know which HTC it is and I’ll see if I can help more.

 Chris posted “I moved from the EVO to the Galaxy S3. What different apps would you recommend? Some I used on the EVO don’t work or work properly on the GS3.” 

Chris, you can check out my previous post on some of my favorite apps here.  But if apps were working on your EVO and aren’t on the GS3, I would think it’s because the GS3 is on a newer version of Android.  The best advice is to go to those apps in the Play Store and email the developer.  I’ve had a lot of luck getting answer from app developers that way.  Most of them are really nice!

 This is a great question from Cheryl asking “What is the best web browser for my android tablet that has flash so I can stream movies?”  

UPDATE:  A co-worker found this great article from CNET about getting Flash installed.  Check it out here.

Since Android 4.0 – Flash stopped working.  But I’m pretty sure you can still use Dolphin Browser and use Flash. I used Dolphin Browser a lot in the past, but haven’t checked it out since Chrome was pushed out.   I loved Dolphin and it’s Flash support!

 Got more questions?  Post ‘em below or tweet me @Doctor_Droid.