Reports: Decision to take HMS Bounty out during storm may have been motivated by money

Posted at 11:47 PM, Dec 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-03 23:47:53-05

The captain and a crew member lost their lives on the Bounty's final voyage.

And just released interviews suggest money could have motivated captain Robin Walbridge to try and outmaneuver Sandy.

Fourteen crew members were plucked from the raging Atlantic on October 29th by the Coast Guard.

42-year-old Claudine Christian was found dead in the water later that day and the 63-year-old captain's body still hasn't been recovered.

Recently the survivors shared their traumatic last days on the ship with the German publican "Spiegel."

According to that report, the ship's owner, New York businessman Robert Hansen, was trying to sell the Bounty for more than 4 and a half million dollars.

The HMS Bounty went down in 18-foot-high waves near Elizabeth City.

Right now, the Coast Guard is still looking into whether anyone is at fault for the sinking of the ship.


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