Gibbs is a Badass

Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-04 17:21:26-05
Tony keeps asking questions when he learns Ziva is trying to get tickets to the opera.

Tony keeps asking questions when he learns Ziva is trying to get tickets to the opera.

Dad: I don’t like the emotional Gibbs.

Me: He’s not emotional, he’s relatable.

Dad: Nah, he’s just supposed to beat people up and get the bad guy.

Me: Well he was called a badass this week.

Dad: That’s true.

I am glad “NCIS” once again got their man in Part Two of the PTSD episode. The only thing, Part One had me more hooked on every word than this episode. That may be because Mom and Dad were in town for the holiday and they can be distracting.

Dad: Do you have any coffee for tomorrow?

Me: No, and you’re supposed to be watching the episode.

Dad: I am. I saw the coffee and it made me think of it.

Me: The answer is still no.

Dad and I easily claimed that the girlfriend was involved in the terrorist plot. He tried to say he said it first, but the referee, Mom, agrees it was me. I do wonder though why so many girlfriends on TV shows are so easily manipulated into committing crimes. Tony DiNozzo didn’t pick up on her involvement during the interview because he was too distracted by her ponytail.

DiNozzo: “There’s something about a good strong ponytail.”

Me: Well that’s awkward with your parents in the room.

Dad: Why is that?

Me: Moving on!

Dad: (Laughter)

We’ve now had two weeks with Tony and Ziva sharing something emotional and personal. Tony’s move with the opera music was so sweet!

Dad: Opera, now that’s real music.

Me: When is the last time you listened to opera?

The only think Dad was disappointed in this week was that there was not enough Abby. I agree; nor was there enough Ducky again. There have been a lot of Gibbs-centered episodes this season. I wonder if that is foreshadowing something for the Spring…